Up with some people

I've got news for you Iowans. And Minnesotans. And Washingtonians. (And folks from Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, North Dakota, Nevada, Maine, Wyoming and half of Texas.) You don't count. You and your lazy, have-a-cup-of-coffee-and-a-piece-of-pie-then-take-your-corners-and discuss-your-candidate caucusing ways are worthless. Meaningless. Why can't you just vote like normal people?

Michigan and Florida, man. Now THOSE people matter. Those people have important messages and deserve to be heard. You yokels with your chatty cathy get-togethers are just a whole lotta noise. Who cares what you think?

Thank God hard-working Hillary is here to remind us who matters and who doesn't. We always knew that it wasn't just poor uneducated white people. It's so nice to have it clarified.

Hillary's so smart. That's why she's ahead in the popular vote.


Kireliols said…
What are we going to do with her when she unveils her evil plan to really f*** it up by running as an independent?
Pam said…
Why must you be such a hater? Why? What about us getting up early working until noon in our jammies and then done with the day we missed the caucuses and the primaries coz we were jetting setting voters? What about us?

Why the hating? Why?

Keep in mind: Massive new voter registration and involvement by previously alienated Democrat voters is good for ALL OF US. Yo.

Melinda June said…
I must say, I personally prefer the democratic process with cookies. Long live caucusing!
Yay Hillary! She'll keep the Feds from taking away our guns. Obamma is a gun-grabbin', tax hikin', terrist-lovin' mistake!
Guns?! What? Where! And cookies?! Really?! I love this party!

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