Touched by an angel, vol. 3

I received this tag from my friend MG and am very happy to participate, as I have been in a bit of a non-blogging mentality lately. Perhaps this will give me inspiration.

5 things in my bag
- A small ziploc bag containing three Buxom lip glosses from bare escentials (all of which make my tiny little lips look voluptuous), several lipsticks from sundry cosmetic giants like MAC and Trish McEvoy, and a Justine Case from Benefit to make me look not-tired and not-cranky if the need arises. (Put them in a plastic bag before flying a few trips ago and can't seem to take them out.)
- My very cool metallic animal print flat wallet that my mom gave me for Christmas
- An equally cool coin leather coin purse that has images of geisha painted on it
- Several pens and a notebook used for writing down anything that seems important
- My brand spanking new filofax, given to me as a leaving present by my company. It is red leather, and has space for addresses. I am notoriously not a keeper of anyone's address, and this is therefore a very good thing for me. In fact, allow me to take this opportunity to suggest you email me your postal address at your earliest convenience, and I will enter it into my filofax. Those who know me well will know that it is best not to assume I know it. Just because I can find your house doesn't mean I know the street name or the number, let alone the post code. I have a remarkable internal compass.

5 favourite things in my room
- a Story People print called Quiet Pride that says, "there has never been a day when I have not been proud of you, I said to my daughter, though some days I'm louder about other stuff so it's easy to miss that," which was given to me a few Christmases ago by my parents
- a postage stamp quilt that my grandmothers on my dad's side stitched folks had it quilted for me a few years ago
- my DAB radio, which picks up digital channels like BBC6
- a very nice photo of me embracing El Ben in front of a wall of snow on Mt. Rainier. It was May, like 13 years ago, and we were in shorts but the snow at Paradise hadn't melted yet so it still looked like a glacier
- a photo of me and my dad, which my brother kindly framed for me (after removing evidence of himself) wherein I am a baby sitting on my dad's lap, and I am wearing a cowboy hat

5 things I have always wanted to do
- Fly in one of those first class cabins that gives you your own little room, with a flat bed and a chair for guests and luxury amenities...I've made it to business class and normal first class, but never the really deluxe cabin
- Spend a few weeks on a private sail boat with a bunch of friends, with a crew to sail us around and cook us gourmet meals. In college my friends and I used to speculate on end about this sort of trip, compiling guest lists of friends we felt would make for a good cruise dynamic. Of course, the boats were always very large...we would not want to get into the messiness of a limited guest list.
- Live in New York. Or Chicago. Or Hong Kong. These were the pinnacle of sophisticated urban life to me when I was growing up, something I wanted very very much
- I've always wanted David Letterman's job
- Run a marathon

5 things I'm currently into
- Going to the gym. I love the treadclimber and am pleased to be losing a bit of weight, albeit very slowly
- My tan. Yes, my tan. Trips to Rio and Marrakech did wonders to my normally pale complexion
- Brazilian music
- I can not stop going out for Asian food
- Reading. I went through a dry spell after the MBA where I couldn't be bothered to do anything that required me to think. But in the past few weeks I've been able to start reading again and am now back to three active books (currently these are The Good Earth, Cloud Atlas and Saving Fish From Drowning.)

5 people you'd like to tag

In general I don't tag people anymore, but I'd like to hear from anyone willing


Cup said…
Does the lip gloss really work? I have nearly nonexistent lips myself, and have yet to find a plumper that works.
Oh, I'll take the tag!

Have you read The Time Traveler's Wife?
Joe said…
Because you didn't tag me specifically I didn't feel pressured, and so I did the tag right away. Thanks!
Melinda June said…
Yes, beth, I think it does! It's a miracle, actually. My lips are practically non-existent under normal circumstances, and these give me an actual pucker.

Yay! Two people have agreed to be it! I will be running to check on you both. And yes, ML, read the TTW and I LOVED it!
lulu said…
Cloud Atlas is a fa book; you'll love it!
michaelg said…
Next time I see you, I'm going through your bag. Best bag ever.

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