Gross out

It has been warm, and I have been walking around in inappropriate footwear. Actually the footwear is fine really, it's my lack of proper sock or stocking that is causing the problem, specifically, very painful blisters.

I found this remarkable product at Boots: Dr. Scholl Party Feet gel plasters! Healing, cushioning...what more could a girl want?! Bought them, went home and wrapped my especially painful and pink pinky-toe in one. They're very strange. Kind of like a second skin with a padded center. Completely transparent and very very sticky - not like a band aid that you'd peel off. These feel like they'd take of the top layer off your skin so you better leave them on until they come off themselves.

MUCH better. I made it walking for two days with no pain. None. And then on the second day I discovered another pair of shoes that seem to have hidden knives in them. Ouch. I got back to the office, and when I took off my shoes I noticed that the pink-toe plaster had come partly off. So I helped it the rest of the way, and I noticed that the pad part in the center had become kind of gelatinous and white. "Eww," I thought. What is THAT? Did it suck stuff out of my foot? Did it break? I mean, what IS that?

I decided that with wear/pressure, the gel must get extra paddy and so that's why it turned white. That wouldn't be so bad.

And then I put larger plasters on the back of my heels. My left heel was a bit of a pulp. Very painful, and the plaster helped. My right heel was a bit sore but actually not that bad. I could have left that one alone, but there were two plasters in the box so I figured better safe than sorry since I was going to be walking around London again. And now I'm wishing I hadn't.

After one day of wearing, the LEFT one has turned gelatinous and white again. The RIGHT one - the heel that was actually just fine - is still transparent.

I'm now obsessively wondering what it's wicking out of my blister. And am thoroughly, completely grossed out.


Pam said…
And now, so am I. Thanks so VERY much. :P
Joe said…
Did you try lighting a match to the goo?
Mnmom said…
What in the world are you wearing for shoes?? Nail beds?? Birken-razors??

"Dr. Scholl Party Feet gel plasters" - I love the brits, they have better names for everything. Here those are called "blister band-aids".
Melinda June said…
Glad to oblige, my friends.

Bubs, why exactly WOULD I try to light it on fire????

MnMom, sadly this is just a result of a bit of weight loss and feet that sweat. If only I had girly feet that just developed a healthy glow.

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