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I've noticed I've got a lot of links over there on the right bar, so I thought I'd tell you who they are. They're there for a reason....they are all Mindy-endorsed sites and so you might want to give them a spin when you're looking for things to do online.

Nerd's Eye View - Pam joined me in the Seattle phase of my life. Her blogs are seasonal...she lives in Seattle in the spring/summer/fall, and spends winters in Austria with her husband. She also makes a good living writing, and has links to all sorts of fascinating stuff where she's a contributor or an editor or just knows somebody goofy who should be getting some attention. Plus she's a kickass photographer and quite the raconteur.

Coaster Punchman's World - Owned by Tom, my primarily gay boyfriend and soulmate. Tom joined me at St. Olaf. Tom's blog has no theme. He just talks about his life and the things that annoy/elate/frustrate him. He has a big following, and will cyberstalk you if you post a comment.

Five Things I Hate - We discussed this earlier in the week. This is a subset of CPman's World, and is a public venting space, assuming you can state your frustration with some wit.

We Judge The Idols - Limited shelf-life site that is a joint venture between Melinda June and CPMan's World. To bring you up to speed...we loved Elliott, we love Taylor, and we say mean things about Katherine.

Land-o-Lulu - My friend Lauren, who joined me sometime in the past ten years when Tom introduced us. Acerbic/sarcastic/sweet. Creepy smart and well read. I like to think of her as a post-modern school marm.

Vaughn's Musings - Specifically this is Vide Vitae Vocative Vaughn, owned by my friend Vaughn who also joined me in Seattle and now makes an "internet" living in Scottsdale. Vaughn doesn't much care for Republican politics, and he knows a LOT of reasons why you shouldn't, either.

To Whom it May Concern and Life Under the Tower - people I don't know, but read regularly. One is very very cool. One is not. You decide.

Crooks and Liars - Political blog...good source of videos that will make you laugh.

Miss Manners - more than just table etiquette. She's a way of life.

Decorah Public Opinion and Journal - My life as it could have been, had I married my high school sweetheart and settled down. Okay, that would have meant I had to have a high school sweetheart to marry, but you get the idea.

Penzey's Spices - Surely you use Fox Point and Sate Seasoning????

Jesus of the Week - This week's Jesus is a tattoo of our Lord and Savior who looks like a wookie. Need I say more?


Pam said…
Thanks for the headline, dahlink. I just updated the links on Nerd's Eye View, too, there's some new stuff if you look at the Linky Goodness page.
LOL! Did I ever tell you I hate the abbreviation LOL? I think it's really dumb. Do not ever write LOL to me. And LMAO is just one step short of being as stupid as LOL. But anyway, your posting and description of all of us made me LMAO!
Melinda June said…
I don't even know what LMAO means.
lulu said…
beut do you know what ROFLMAO means? I do, 'cuz I'm creepy smart!


lulu said…
however, I cannot spell, that should have been "but"
Melinda June said…
You know creepy smart is a good thing, right?
lulu said…
Coming from you, I knew it was a compliment.

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