Saturday Kitchen

There's a cooking show on BBC1 every Saturday called Saturday Kitchen, and I like to watch it when I have a schedule that permits. I'm being lazy on this bank holiday weekend so this is definitely a SK day. The format is good, actually...there's a celebrity chef host named Antony Worrell Thompson, and he has two guests each week. They usually have similar or complimentary styles, and each chef cooks something from their repertoire and then offers up one dish each for a competition and viewers vote for which one they want to see cooked at the end of the show.

There's a young Italian chef on today who's just been to Mexico and he's making beef taquitos. He's got one of those pronounced "that's-a-spicy-meatball" accents, and he's making all sorts of good natured pronouncements about Mexico and the things he learned there. And it's absolutely ridiculous. So far he's told us that they use too much spice, that they use all this spice to cover the flavour of their rotting meat, that corn tortillas are harsh and taste funny, and that Mexicans are kind of lazy. What an ignorant loser. And while AWT is trying to step in and correct him when he can, his knowledge of Mexico is limited and he's also trying to be a good host, bless him.

By the way, the beef taquitos recipe is NOT all that authentic, even though they're claiming it is. I'd say it's similar to the spicy beef seasoning you'd get in a burrito at Don Pablos or ChiChis, and then add a ton of sour cream and chive chip dip to make sure you mask the spices.


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