I have been frantically revising over the last few weeks. I had totally forgotten what this was like. This sucks.

I'm 39 years old, and the last time I took an exam it was 1988. Plus, let's face it...I was never much of a studier in college. So right now I'm not sure what I was thinking when I decided I needed to get my MBA while also working full time. This sucks.

It's been crazy busy at work lately. It's coming to the end of the fiscal year, and people are trying to get whatever sales they can. I appreciate this and am happy to help them, but this means we're working on lots of unqualified bids that don't really have much chance of getting a win and everything is due in about three days. We've even had people receive requests for proposals that sit in their inbox for a week and then they send them to us for a turn in four days. It's horrible. And all the time, I'm trying to get out of there and get home so I can draw third degree price discrimination graphs and learn about the nuances of absorption vs marginal costs against stock. This sucks.

I get home and I'm tired and I really just want to make dinner and watch Eastenders. But I have to lock myself in the dining room with my books and spend time thinking about what capital employed includes. And I can't have my laptop in there with me, or I'll find a reason to blog or to surf to see what's up in my friends' blogs or will be googling Elliott Yamin to see how things are trending in the American Idol voting public. And tonight I know the votes are in and the results will come overnight and I am sick with fear that Elliott is going home. I've developed an unnatural fixation on his fate...charming underdog with gobs of talent, who's had to overcome bad teeth, unfashionable hair, and an Abe Lincoln beard to get where he is. So I've got the niggling fear that that ridiculous Katherine will stay and Elliott will go home and the world will prove itself completely unfair. This sucks.

I have the day off tomorrow, and I'm going to spend the day at school reviewing Accounting, Economics, and Statistics. Statistics is an open book exam, so mostly I'll be reviewing and making step by step notes to ensure I know what I'm doing in the exam. Figure that I'm about 12 hours of revising away from being ready for the exams, and then by Saturday my first term is over...just two projects to finish independently and then I'm done with 1/4 of my MBA. Assuming I pass everything. I am stressed beyond belief. Practically gray from tension.

This sucks.


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