Trip Home

I've ticketed for my summer trip home, and here's the plan.

As you know, I'll be FORTY on July 22. Therefore I'm catching a flight to New York to spend the weekend with Tom and George and some of my friends will be joining me. I'm rather excited about NYC, actually. Haven't been to the new MOMA yet, so I've put that on my list, but otherwise Tom is sorting the itinerary and I just have to show up and be worshiped. Can do, baby. And perhaps shake a tail feather, but that is TBD.

I fly to MSP on the 24th, and will be in the midwest until August 4th. I expect I'll have about 4 days in MSP and the remainder in Decorah. MSP time will be weekdays, but I will be scheduling a night of cocktails sometime whilst I'm there. If you've got venue suggestions you should let me know. I'm always a sucker for Mancini's Char House and a tall Belvedere Dirty Martini served by a waitress who sounds like a Fargo extra and who calls me "hon", but I wouldn't be against a tiki drink at Suzie's or a mojito at La Bodega or a 007 at Moscow on the Hill. Or I'd be keen to try something new. You tell me. Are they doing anything good at the Walker Sculpture Garden this summer?


lulu said…
Are you going to make it to Chicago? We would love to see you, otherwise, what's up with NYC? Or MPLS, I have family thee, I could come up.

Let me know, I would love to see you while you're in the country.

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