The most lost person I've ever met

Tonight we had a team meeting at school to review the marketing proposal we're working on. My teammate, Adam, is an EngD student and lives at Silsoe, the research campus about 15 miles away. He needed a ride home and he had my accounting book at his house so I volunteered to drive him home so I can spend some time pondering accrual accounting (which sucks, FYI.)

So we get in the car and go to leave campus. I don't know where I'm going and say, "Left or right?" He says, "Um.....left, I think." I guess I'm tired or preoccupied or something, but I didn't see the signs. So we drive. For forty five minutes. Around country lanes. Looking for Silsoe.

Adam isn't so good with directions. He's a thoughtful guy and he has really good ideas about a lot of the work we do, but he's not a guy who spends a lot of time paying attention to the world around him. And other than the name of the little village, he doesn't know where he lives.


Tenacious S said…
Wow, and I thought Emma was confused! Hope she doesn't end up like this as an adult.

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