Damn Swans

The damn swans won't leave the pond across the street. And the ducks aren't any happier than I am. Today, I was looking out the kitchen window while I did some dishes, and I saw three ducks floating in a corner of the pond, like they were plotting. It was as though one of them said, "Break!" The three separated, kind of circled casually over to the area where the swans were floating, and they created a huge ruckus, actually coming near a swan's head as one of them took to flight, and the swans ended up getting out of the water.

Meanwhile, I think the swans know I'm onto their nastiness and they're coming to get me. I found a giant goose-like poo on my sidewalk, and a huge mudprint of a webbed foot near it.

Bring it on, you long-necked freaks.


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