SpongeBob: Innocent Squarepants, or Big Ole Girl?

So it's my lunchbreak, and I'm spending some time on US news sites to stay current on what's happening in my homeland. There's lots of inauguration coverage, though no mention of the fact that John Kerry was booed at the ceremony by the audience of loyal GOP faithful, as was reported by the BBC last night. (Boy, Randy Kelly, thank god those kind, decent Republicans who care only for the good of the country and harbor no ill will won this election.) And there's an excellent op-ed on social security privatization by Paul Krugman. But the item that caught my interest the most today is the call to ban Spongebob Squarepants and Barney because they promote homosexuality.

Basically, here is James Dobson's argument: Spongebob (along with his immoral cronies Barney, Bob the Builder, and Winnie the Pooh) appears in a video for a remake of "We Are Family" that promotes tolerance for people who aren't necessarily like you, including people of different "sexual identity". Therefore, he is now a promoter of the homosexual lifestyle.

And what would Mr. Dobson (noted Christian family psychologist) prefer we do with our gay citizens, stone them?

And it's not just the disco-remake that got Mr. Dobson going. The gay rumors have been plaguing Spongebob for years...apparently, many homosexuals collect Spongebob merchandise and enjoy his program. Never mind that one logical conclusion is that many homosexuals have a sense of humor and enjoy this funny cartoon...the logic we're supposed to follow here is that if homosexuals enjoy something that means it promotes homosexuality. That's good news for square dancing, but bad news for pretty much everything else. Monday Night Football, I know homosexuals who regularly watch you and drink a beer or two. Shame on you! Antique collectors, what are you THINKING with all of your fancy old furniture and art pottery and pretty china sets? Shame on you!

First of all, no self-respecting gay man I know would live in a pineapple under the sea. But his pal Patrick DOES bear a slight resemblance to Tinky Winky, the gay teletubby. Hmmm...Maybe Dobson is on to something after all.


Pam said…
Here's what I love about this: now, watching Sponge Bob is a politcal act. I'm ready! Fight the Power! I'm ready! I'm ready! Fight the Power!

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