Travels with Mindy

I am sitting in the departures lounge for Air Canada's business class travellers waiting for my flight. I love flying business class. You're suddenly someone important...someone who people want to please. In fact, the woman at security actually said, "OH! You're special! Go to that line over there!" Note, the line she sent me to did not say "Business and First Class, invitation only," as it does at Heathrow. No, it said "Special Service for Disabled Patrons." Hmmm.

I spent some time trying perfume in the duty free shops. I was sure NOT to put on too much (see blog about my seat mate on the flight back to the UK.) But I tried spicy french fragrances in hope of finding a signature scent. No luck yet though.

My days here have been good. I was travelling with a customer, showing her the city and helping her decide if this was the right place for her to bring her group. Since I love it here, it was an easy task. She's convinced. We ate gobs of delicious food, walked the lovely neighbourhoods, and drove to Whistler in the rain yesterday. There wasn't much snow at the village level, which is bad for a ski resort, but up at the top of the mountain it was great.

Some guy just walked in reeking of cigarette smoke. I think he may have smoked a whole pack, maybe to tide him over until he lands in 10 - 12 hours. He's got that fresh air/fresh smoke/stale smoke in the fibers of the jacket going on, and it's time for him to go to the cleaners because he's sitting over the wall and I can STILL smell him. Pleh. Hope he's on the Sydney flight, not mine.

I'm drinking a Virgin Caesar. It's basically a bloody mary made with clamato. (The Caesar seems to be the national drink of Canada.) Yummy. Hadn't had one, but I believe I am a clamato convert.

Vistors are starting to queue up for the spring, so if you're planning a trip you should get your dates set soon. Pam's coming from Austria on the 10th, Kim and Abby are coming from the states March 10, and I hear El Ben may blow in sometime in May. The Bethanizer is making noise about a spring or summer trip, and I know Sparkdog hopes to come my way, as well. Have you checked YOUR flight options lately?

I'm hungary now, but I'd best not eat. They will force-feed me a three course meal once we get settled in the air, and I know there are cookies and milk before "bedtime," and tea and quiche or something before landing. I got a 3000 calorie flight ahead of me, so I'd best not pack more in now. Something about site eat and eat and eat for days, and then when you try to be normal again your stomach is still ready to party. It makes a lot of noise (much like the three year old around the corner, who I'm praying is on to Frankfurt) until it figures out it's heading back to little small meals with healthy carbs and lean protein again.

Well, there's a 20 minute limit at peak times, and I've just been here for 30. Going to check around for others who might be waiting. I get a home computer this week, so I'll be back online soon.


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