Things I love about the PNW

Vancouver BC -
Just because I left Seattle 7 years ago, it doesn't mean I didn't love it. We just couldn't make it work at the time...we'd grown apart. We'd stopped communicating. It said LUSH GREENERY, I said MOSS BEHIND THE EARS. It said HIP, LIBERAL, FUNKY TOWN. I said POSERS AND EGOTISTICAL SLACKERS. We needed some time apart. But MAN I miss my folks from there, and when I come back for visits, I miss the land, too.

I'm not quite in Seattle, but I'm in Vancouver, which is mighty close. And I tell you, I've got a warm spot for the place where I finally grew up. Here is the list of the warm-spot inducing idiosyncracies I've found in the last two days:

People go out in the rain because, well, not doing so would mean staying in for 6 months.
People recycle everywhere.
People wear comfortable shoes, so no inferiority complexes one is running on cobblestones looking fabulous in tall boots.
Floating gas stations
Neon, neon, and neon
Big, beautiful parks
Trees (but not too many...that's scary)
Asians are everywhere, and their food rocks
Clean, fresh air that tastes salty if you breathe deep
Friendly people with quirky weirdness
Kalamata olives on pizza
60 degree and sunny vistas of the mountains in January
Coho Salmon that's been cedar planked
Asia's right over there. See it?

It's good here.


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