Random thoughts on a Saturday

Truly random thoughts of no particular significance...

Follow-up to the Spongebob Scandal...the story has broken here now, and it's been juxtaposed with the popularity of "Desperate Housewives" in the red states. (Are they mentioning in the US press that the states watching the most suburban housewife debauchery are all "moral voter" states?) Seems our friends here in the UK find banning a kids cartoon and going nuts for sexy sexy behaviour in exurbia is somewhat hypocritical. Go figure.

I love my new house. I have space to walk around. My walled garden needs work (deadheading plants and planting bulbs), but it has great potential. I have a convection oven. Now that I bought a proper chef's knife I can cook everything I could want in my new kitchen, though the fridge is small and I have to really start thinking about which veggies and fruits we chill without having to. My queen sized bed is comfortable, especially so with the high-threadcount pink sheets I received from the Girls for Christmas (thanks, ladies!). I have a short little walk on Sundays to the news agent for a copy of the Observer. I bought a drip coffee maker so I can have lazy old American coffee made from Caribou beans (more holiday gifts), which is perfect for a Saturday morning. I have a washer AND a dryer...TWO MACHINES. HOORAY! I'm even getting an IMAC from work to bring home, thus making it easier to blog and access email. Very comfortable little life. Guest bedroom will be rigged and ready for YOU by the end of the week.

Dirty little secret...I've been sucked into Celebrity Big Brother. Bridgette Nilsson (former starlet and wife of Sylvester Stallone) is my favorite, especially after the surprise arrival of Jackie Stallone, her former mother-in-law who hates her. And who's had way to much nipping and tucking done which, combined with the garish make-up she wears, makes her look demented. Oh. And Germaine Greer was in the house this time round, but got upset and created quite a scene when she learned she didn't have a private room and that her every move could be filmed. Hmmm...wouldn't you watch a show called "Big Brother" before you agreed to go on it? My favorite show so far was a surprise elimination...the housemates were dressed as nursery rhyme characters and were asked to play hide and seek. One of them was taken into the "diary room" to count to 50, but after she said "ready or not, here I come," she was told "no, you don't," and removed from the house. Of course, the other 5 didn't hear that part, so they continued to hide for HALF AN HOUR. Duh.

My ukulele playing is back on track. I had to leave Howard in MSP the first time round, as I had too many carry-ons. Brought him back this time, though, and have re-learned and even improved some.

My friend Pam is coming to see me in three weeks. See link to Nerd's Eye View for more details on Pam. YAY!

I am going to Vancouver BC next Friday for a site inspection. More hooray! Vancouver kicks butt.

Okay. Time to work now. Have a good weekend.


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