What can you send me?

Some have asked what to send me, so here are ideas. This is not a solicitation, by the way, it's a list for those who have asked. I can live without any of this...people all over the world do every day, they just don't realize they're living lives half-lived.

Tide with bleach
Adams Peanut Butter (chunky preferred)
Dill pickles
Crystal Light
cds crafted by your own two hands
Caribou Blend
Video tapes of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart
People magazine coverage of the Oscars
Mr. T's Bloody Mary Mix
Hints on favorite places to visit in England (and the continent)

That's enough for now. I'll think more and get back to you.


Pam said…
Warning! Warning! Those video tapes of Jon Stewart may or may not work. Britain has some whole other format for video. You'll drop the tape in your VCR expecting to see the sexiest "newscaster" on television and all you'll get is, um, nothing. I'm sorry. This is true for DVDs also - many are region coded and will not play back on the machines of your British friends and neighbors. Better you stream what you can from The Daily Show web site and save the space for over things like nonprescription hay fever medicine and brownie mix.

I, too, miss Jon's affections. Imagine the reunion we will have when I return stateside in the spring!
True, true, you need videos in PAL format. (US format = NTSC). I didn't know the same was true for DVDs though.
lulu said…
Email me your address and I'll send you the special, limited edition, double CD birthday party mix that we are giving away as party favors! As an added bonus, it has pictures of both Sharon and I as toddlers in matching swimsuits!

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