Monday, September 24, 2007

TV or business school paperwork?

Snarkmeister D has commented that I seem to be watching too much TV. Sadly, there are two things in my life for the next few weeks....okay, maybe three.

1) Research and paper writing for Globalization, Mergers and Acquisitions, Leadership and Business Law
2) TV breaks I take to stop my eye-twitch
3) Attending lectures.

You can have your choice. Which would you like to hear about? Personally, I've erred on the side of television but it's your call.

Besides. That way I get to gloat about all of the cool things you don't get on BBC Canada and BBC America.


Ben-Bob said...

Ah, Melinda June, you've got so much great stuff to gloat about! Anyway, you can enliven any subject with your heady brew of snark and insight.

michaelg said...

I pick: Attend lectures and research papers. You already get to gloat that you're missing the last 4 years of the Dubya administration. Isn't that enough?

Dale said...

I can't figure out why someone doesn't just sell us the real BBC stuff already! They now and then put up an episode or two of something that looks fantastic and then it's replaced with something else. You're living the life Missy!