Saturday, September 22, 2007

Land HO!

I am taking a break between completing my MMA writing and starting my GLB to spin around online and watch Michale Palin's New Europe on BBC 2.

I have a complete and total crush on Michael Palin. I've always thought he was handsome, but he has aged exceptionally well and he's wickedly funny and clever. Hubba hubba. His series of travelogues are some of my favourite shows, a bit of history, a bit of culture, a bit of pithy observation...and a wealth of stories and experiences that feed my wanderlust when I am forced to stay put by the challenges of day to day life.

Handsome. Articulate. Adventuresome. Funny. Land HO!


Dale said...

I'm worried you're not watching enough television MJ.

The Gifted Typist said...

Don't listen to dale, you are watching quality, not quantity. There is a difference, dale.

Mnmom said...

I also love Michael Palin. Way cute.