Monday, September 17, 2007

Secret single behaviors revealed, vol. 1

I came home from work around 8. It was rainy and cold and already dark. Feels like winter. I went upstairs, took off my makeup, put toothpaste on a zit growing on my chin to try to stop it in its tracks, which means I have a dried spot of green paste on my chin now.

I changed into:

- a Walt Disney World t-shirt in dull sage green that is so worn there are holes around the stretched out collar, the stitching looks white at the seams, the letters are cracked and peeling and there's red paint in spots from when I helped my friend Kimmy paint her bathroom;
- a pair of flannel pjs that are way too big and way too short and have toasters and coffee pots and other silly things on them;
- a pair of thick green wool socks that I got at REI in Seattle when they opened the new store there along I5;
- my glasses.

I look ridiculous, but I'm curled up under a blanket on the couch so the neighbors can't see me if they look in the window.


Coaster Punchman said...

Um dear, there's a reason why things like this are called "secret."

michaelg said...

Sounds perfectly cozy to me. You always look like a million bucks otherwise.

kirelimel said...

I have never had luck with the toothpaste method. Make me break out more. Especially when I drool alot while I brush and the fail to sop up my chin.

How's that for stuff that should remain secret?

Marni said...

Sounds perfect to me... I can't wait until it gets cool enough here to do the same.

Dale said...

So your shirt matched your chin? Sexy!

Bubs said...

Sounds like a pretty hot lounging outfit to me.