Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Crisis averted

After telling me that he was going to sell my house, and then that he'd decided not to, my landlord changed his mind and told me yesterday that he IS going to sell my house. And the sale will be final in the end of October and the new owner wants £250 more a month for it and he wants me to vacate so he can gut the place and fix it up.

This is incredibly bad timing. I don't have extra money lying around, I am in the middle of an excruciatingly difficult time at both work and school, and I don't know where I'm going to be working post MBA, which means I am not in a position to sign a lease. The timing is hard to be worse, actually.

Luckily, my friend Nadine, who will be known as my personal savior from this point forward, has offered that I can move in with her so I don't have to start looking for a place until January. I will therefore vacate this place at the end of October and be a housemate until further notice. This means no visitors for awhile, but it also means that I can go back to worrying about how I'm going to get things done.

What a relief.


Scott J. said...

That's kind of odd - just yesterday, what popped into my head but:

Kill My Landlord!!

Now I know why. Good luck with the move!

Beth said...

I'm glad you have a rescue option. I got the need-to-move notice during the height of annual report season, and came very close to a breakdown.