Monday, November 13, 2006

Things that have happened while I've been revising

I'm allowing 15 minutes for an update on the things that have happened while I'm revising. Exams begin on Thursday, so it's likely no major posting will happen between now and Sunday, except, of course, for the Friday 10 and maybe an anxiety post mid-exams.

In no particular order:
1) Still have a cough.
2) Have a lodger named Pratap, who is also in exam trauma. We drink Bailey's and discuss our day's studying at midnight each night.
3) Had a snafu on a previous assignment that caused me a bit of a freakout, but am calm now and all is fine.
4) Had a bailiff show up at my house on Friday demanding payment for a speeding ticket I didn't know I had. Bailiffs are like vampires...don't invite them in, or all hell breaks loose. They can jump garden fences and climb in windows and do pretty much anything to collect. They are scary. But Dog the Bounty Hunter gave me until Monday to sort this out, and since I legitimately don't know anything about the ticket it looks like the court is now going to work with me and the bailiff is no longer going to threaten me. Crisis averted, and will likely end up with a regular old speeding ticket.
5) Created a fabulous new playlist of women artists performing songs I like, and now I listen to it a lot. I have called it "You Go Girl." Am going to make a similar playlist of men and call it "'Atta Boy."
6) Found my kitty cat finger puppet from the birthday card Timmy gave me. Kitty is helping me study. I put her on my index finger and she follows along the page as I read.
7) Was studying in a small breakout room at the School of Management on Saturday, listening to my iPod to help me concentrate. I took a short break to do a little boogie dance around to Copacabana. Man, that was great.
8) Did it again on Sunday when Living Thru Another Cuba came on.
9) Have been confirmed for a week in India next June for my international study tour. Will be in Bangalore and Mumbai. Very excited.
10) Got a good mark on my trucking and shipping WAC. Shocking, considering I think the course is silly and haven't really taken it seriously.


Pam said...

Her name was LOLA
She was a SHOWGIRL
But that was many years ago
Before a bailiff came to her house and tried to nail her on a mysterious speeding ticket and some person name Pratap was living at the same place.

I don't even know you anymore.

Tenacious S said...

Mindy, is a persistent cough standard issue for graduate school students? I've had one for almost two months now. It gets worse and then better, but never goes away. I'm convinced it will morph into pneumonia, and I will die. Either that or I will just sleep like shit for the next two years of my life. I hate the nighttime cough. So irritating.

Melinda June said...

Sure you know me, Pam. Like you can't imagine me having some out-of-the-blue bad luck drama caused by my haphazard living, or inviting a relative stranger to stay at my house so he didn't have to spend a ton of money in the student dorms the execs can use. I mean, he's really friendly. And he likes to eat. How bad could it be?