Thursday, November 02, 2006

A comment on comments

I love comments. I love YOUR comments. I love it when people respond to what I write. And I love what you write. I check all of your sites at least once a day if I'm able to find the time. You make me laugh. You've become a hobby.

But the thing is, I'm not a commenter myself.

I'm a bit shy sometimes, even though I appear not to be. And as much as I wish it did, commenting just doesn't come naturally to me in blogland.

You're not going to know that I've been to your site unless a) something immediately strikes me as a potential comment, and b) I have enough time to actually type the comment in. (Compulsive site-meter readers excepted.) Think of me as the quiet one who's laughing at the jokes, flitting about to make sure everyone has a drink.

There's also the issue that sometimes I don't have commenting time when I'm reading you all...many days I only have 15 minutes of blog time allowed, so I need to get to as many sites as I can and I don't want to slow myself down with chat. I might want to do a stop-and-chat, but I have to put it off because there's some damn MIT project or a WAC breathing down my neck.

So please don't take it personally when I don't comment, or if it takes me a while to comment back when you are here. It's not about you. It's about me. But know that I'm paying attention. And I encourage you to chat amongst yourselves. I'm a good host, able to start a conversation and then move on to the next group of people standing in awkward silence.

And in two weeks I have more time again, as exams will be through and I won't have pressing schoolwork until after the holidays.


wonderturtle said...

Right on! :)

Beth said...

Not a problem. Just hope you stop by my page on occasion. And enjoy the long, un-classed break.

Melinda June said...

Check your site meter, Beth. I'm practically a stalker. In fact, you, old lady several others are on the list of people who need to go from "favourites" to listed links. Task for when school is out!

Grant Miller said...

I hope your limited blogging schedule allows you ample time to read and enjoy the Official Site Of Grant Miller and its archives.

Dale said...

I'm always glad to see a comment from you Missy and enjoy reading your posts too. The comments are sometimes more fun than the postings are to write I've found. At any rate, good luck with the exams!

Anonymous said...

Cool wit me.

gizmorox said...

I'm totally the same way. I'm never witty enough for comments until hours after the fact so I generally stray away from them :)