Thursday, November 02, 2006

Kismet at Tesco

I had everything I needed to make delicious cauliflower cheese soup tonight except my hand blender is broken and I need it to puree. I have a regular blender, but frankly, hot liquid, conventional blenders and Mindy do not mix. I know the part about leaving air and venting the lid so the steam doesn't cause the hot soup to fly everywhere, scalding anyone in its path and making a serious mess. Just ask Mark and Tim about the cranberry sauce incident and the effect it had on their tile grout. I needed that hand blender to make the soup. So, even though I am seriously pressured by a looming deadline for school and have been running from end to end with work lately and hate Tesco pretty much more than anything, even under the best of circumstances, I decided to stop at Tesco on the way home for a £4.98 hand blender replacement so I could have some comfort food tonight.

The parking lot wasn't too bad, always a good sign at the big Tesco. I swear, I think the only thing people do in Milton Keynes is shop, so the Tesco lot can be a serious mess. They've moved everything around to fit in the Christmas stuff, so I had a bit of a wander before I found the appliances. Hooray! Blender in stock.

While I was in the appliance section, I decided I'd check for an air popper. I love air poppers. Air popping allows you to put butter on the popcorn without jeopardising the calorie content. Just a little butter, but it's still delicious. I've been looking for an air popper for two years and have never been able to find one, but I check once in awhile just because. No air popper. Bummer.

BUT! As I went down the conveyor belt (ramps instead of escalators so you can take your cart), I happened to look at the Christmas Gift Idea display along the side. And there, in all its splendor, was a HOT PINK AIR POPPER by Rival, just waiting for an impulse buyer to snap up as the new Christmas unnecessary present! Snap up I did! £7.98!

So then I needed popcorn. Ventured into the food part of the store and got sidetracked by the juices...drank the last of my grapefruit juice this morning and I need it to keep pumping Vitamin C. This sent me into produce, where I ran into the head of my programme and his partner. I've been very stressed and under significant pressure lately and I've sought his advice dealing with it, and so he asked how I've been holding up. I confessed I'm a bit snowed under, and that I expected a frazzled night tonight finishing my project that's due tomorrow. He told me not to worry, and gave me an extension on the spot if I need it. Pressure is off now...I can work on my slides tonight, but if I don't get them done then I have options to work on them over the weekend!

Found the popcorn, grabbed some lowcal hot chocolate mix, found a teller with no queue right next to the door by my car (no small task...there are 30 lanes and you usually end up waiting at least 10 minutes in line.)

Came home, started the soup, and am getting ready to work on MIT.

This was the perfect Tesco experience.


lulu said...

Not just a hot air popper, but a hot pink one! It's like a Barbie air popper! How fun is that?

Bubs said...

All I want to know is, while you were at Tesco did you see the Peekaboo Pole Dance Set?