Unwittingly a Fashion Maven

In these times of economic trouble, one has to find a few luxuries to make one feel special. For me, this usually means fat free, sugar free chocolate pudding and a glossy magazine. Specifically this week, I went for the Jello-brand Dark Chocolate and a copy of the February Lucky. The pudding is delicious. And Lucky? It has revealed that I am the epitome of February style.

I didn't even make it past the table of contents before I saw a picture of a sexy black lace cocktail dress. Lo and behold, on page 41 executive editor MK Rollins tells us about how lace is what she wants NOW! And while their stretch dress is from edressme.com and mine is not, it looks surprisingly similar. (Mine comes in chubbies.) I flip the page, and senior associate fashion editor A Brady is on about Navajo-inspired designs for a dose of relaxed chic. Look at my clearance sale sweater.

And the hits just keep on coming. Their market editor loves braiding to add interest to understated pieces, and I have a cool blue sweater that has a crochet/braided texture to it, which makes it feminine and pretty for a plain blue top. The foolproof outfit and bargain hunter sections talked about oversized, bigsturdy watches - I wear a stainless steel Kenneth Cole men's watch, which while it might be dainty on a gentleman's wrist is more a bangle bracelet on mine. Did I buy it because women's tiny watches are dwarfed by my big bones? Sure. But does that matter? Heck no! I'm a trend setter! By the time they started showing wedge heels, wingtip heels and motorcycle jackets I was beginning to think they'd just come to my closet to look for ideas.

Perhaps next month they'll be contacting me for their new feature: Ways to make odds and ends you've bought over the last 15 years into outfits that don't make you look foolish. I'm an expert at that. And note to Lucky...we'll be doing it WITHOUT harem pants. I mean, come on. Look at yourself.


Mnmom said…
You my dear are an absolute DIVA!!!!
Little Sister said…
You have always had an eye for fashion. I can't think of anyone as fashion forward as you, my dear...and that is why I will be wanting your advice for wedding dress shopping...yes, you, MG, MnMom and Cheesecake Maven. We have 1 year.
lulu said…
I NEED that dress. I might have to order it and have Jane bring it when she comes to visit.

I'm glad that Lucky is showing good stuff; sometimes I think that they style their pages by pulling any 5 things out of the closet and trying to put them together.

(my word verification is BINGE)
Melinda June said…
The dress rocks, Lu. There are some other good ones on that site, too. Worth a look. And I didn't say Lucky is showing GOOD stuff. They're showing MY stuff.

Ruthie, I am HONORED to help find THE DRESS. Can't wait!

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