Unsolicited product endorsement - Boots No7 Lash 360

Ladies (and gentlemen who wear mascara), if you're looking for full, beautiful eye-popping lashes, get yourself down to the Target and make a beeline to the Boots No. 7 cosmetics.  Lash 360 is the mascara for you!

I became quite a fan of other No. 7 products while living in the UK. It's all really Chanel makeup and skincare repackaged for Boots the Chemist as a way to expand their line into a non-department store price point. In fact, it's still a bit of a premium price, but the products I have are well worth it.  I LOVE their liquid liner, and their lipsticks are divine.  With mascaras, though, I've always been a believer in the makeup artist tip that you're wasting money if you buy anything other than the cheap pink-and-green Cover Girl.

Over Christmas, however, I brought the Lash 360 sample with, and the magic it works on my lashes has shocked even me. I don't have especially long or thick lashes. In fact, they're only acceptable because they are brown and therefore visible. But NOW, my lashes are amazing. Strangers are commenting. Even my MOTHER noticed, for Pete's sake.

Perhaps it is my lashes that made the homeless man fall in love with me tonight. But he said I was beautiful, and homeless men don't lie when they're begging for change, right?


Mnmom said…
I'm on it!! I have been a loyal Cover Girl mascara user, but will try these.
lulu said…
Hmmm. I am a loyal Cover Girl user, and have been for like 30 years, but maybe I will have to buy a tube of this just for kicks. Is is called 360 when you buy it in Boots? Or is it something else there?
Melinda June said…
It's called Lash 360 at Boots, too. Matte goldish tube.

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