Mini-blogging is more fun

I'm sorry for my absence. I've been preoccupied by twitter. I like the mini-blogging format - I mean, ultimately, I'm not saying anything different than I do here...I just have to limit my irrelevant ramblings to 140 characters or less. And if you're following me, you can request that my tweets be sent to your phone so you never have to wait for my pithy observations. Lucky, lucky you!

And sometimes you can tweet to win things. No one ever gives me things for this. Wait. I take that back. Madame L sent me delicious caramels last year and is knitting me a hat, so I HAVE actually received things from this blog. Not that I'm in it for the money. Just saying.

I just finished reading Such a Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster. (I believe Marni's book group was reading this, as well.) It was an amusing chronicle of one woman's weight loss journey, and it made me think that maybe I should try writing as a career. If I tried, I could be as funny as her. Stuff happens to me. She lives in Chicago, I live in Chicago. She has dogs...I have a dog, and ours looks like Marley and is afraid of strangers, so I have countless stories of strangers reaching out to pet a celebrity pooch only to have Cali cower as though they are raising a steel-toed boot. And I'm unemployed! And a temp! That's at LEAST two or three chapters of fun. Jen Lancaster and me, we're practically the same! Except, of course, she is a talented published author and I am a blogger who tweets. But otherwise. Twins.

On a totally different subject, do you have a mini bundt pan? If not, you really should help the US economy by running out to get one, preferably one made in the US of A. Bethany wanted cupcakes for her birthday and we didn't have any of those little paper liners so I elected to make mini bundts instead. They are marvelous. Moist and delicious. And when did you last have canned white frosting? Because it is also a tasty, tasty treat.

Grapefruit and leftover birthday bundts. Talk about a breakfast of champions.

Which reminds me. I need a library card. I am planning on rereading a bunch of Vonnegut. It will likely not resonate as it did when I was 15, but it's worth a try.


michaelg said…
You should definitely try writing. You might want to try one of those phony memoirs just to get on Oprah, beacuse she always seems to fall for that shit. Then you could get scolded by Oprah on national TV. Doesn't that sound great?
I have often been tempted by bundt pans, mini or otherwise. I like the ones that look like the Empire State building. Did you fill the hole with frosting? It's the only way to go.
Pam said…
Honey, she says, using her best non condescending supportive voice, you already ARE a writer, as witnessed by the snappy hilarity on this blog.

Now, we're just arguing about the format.
Anonymous said…
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Melinda June said…
Aw shucks, guys. Don't make me blush.

MG, I'm all about the frosting in the hole.

Oh. And Mberenis? Suck it, dude.
Joe said…
Thanks for not deleting the comment from mberenis. I'm on my way to WIN CASH!
lulu said…
Here's the big difference between you and Jen Lancaster, she's mean spirited and would probably be a huge self-absorbed bitch in real life; you while snarky, are never mean (oh wait, there was that one post on my blog, but you deleted it).

Anyway, I read it too, and thought the same things, I'm fat, I'm funny, I'm a good writer, I could do that. But I really didn't like it all that much, because she was so unpleasant.

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