Sunday Night

Have had a productive weekend.
  1. Spent most of it working on school stuff. I am slowly beginning to make sense of my accounting textbook. I have a lot of work to do before I can successfully analyze the Body Shop's annual report for Friday AM, but I'm further along than I was.
  2. Somehow, all of my clothes had migrated to the guest bedroom. I think it was a combo of the laundry done when I arrived home, school starting, I took to piling things on the bed rather than putting them away, and then a closet cleanout last weekend to find things that fit me and get rid of things that are now unsightly big. So I spent a good hour today helping things find their proper homes and I have a guest bedroom again.
  3. I need storage in this house. For starters, I need to go through and pitch all the crap that's been left behind by others. There are partial gallons of paint, empty boxes, substandard furniture, and various useless kitchen items. I have permission to take things out of the house that I deem unnecessary, now I need to find time to do it. I've slated April...I have three weeks without classes and that seems a good time to clean. But even with a good go-through, I need to find more storage for things. There's too much clutter. I've got it in my head that a closet-ish thing from IKEA would do nicely on the landing for sheets/towels/bathroomy stuff. And in the third bedroom I've got plans for an Ikea futon to replace the giant desk. The tumble dry will need to stay in there, but I think I can fit a bookcase for school stuff, a small table to rest the laptop on when necessary, and this futon. Will give me an office space and a third bed.
  4. I will have a housemate as of April 1. Katrina will live here, probably thru the summer, to help us both save some money and then her plan is to get her own place. Third bed becomes useful in this case, since she'll have the guestbedroom as her own. Couples who visit can have my bed, others can have the single. See how this will all work out well??
  5. Keep honing the 40 at 40. Testdrove the songlist by Tom. He approved it, but even since that conversation I've made a couple of tweaks. It's amazing how difficult this is. There are over 20 songs waiting, just in case, and these are just the ones I've come out with from my head....I haven't actually looked at my playlists and cd collection.
  6. Been keeping an eye on the Olympics. I'm watching them mostly on Eurosport Live because they're doing 24/7 coverage live. Favourites so far are the Chinese pair skaters and the Flying Tomato on the halfpipe. Watched a bit of the normal hill jump, the luge, and the short-track speed skating, but didn't get too wrapped up. Cringed while watching the strain of those cross-country women going up that huge hill. I was sad the American placed 4th on the luge because I was hoping for a medal from him. I've always been an Olympic watcher, and I'm enjoying it more this year. No skate-to-the-head, soft-focus personal bios here. Just honest coverage of the events. They don't really show any nationalist bias, either. They mostly talk about who's favoured, how they're doing, any surprises, and other relevant stuff. If Americans are favoured, then you hear about them. If they're not contenders, you won't really. Much better than the US-focused stuff NBC does. Oddly, I am actually MORE inclined to watch for US participants now than I am at home because I'm not forced to hear about them. Maybe it's also a bit of homesickness or national pride, too, because if the US team isn't a contender I automatically look for a Canadian (the next best thing to home.) I have noticed that you can often pick the US/Canadian athletes out of the crowd by ethnicity. They're not all pure white. I like that. I'm rooting for the Chinese quite a bit, and it seem that the Czechs have a lot of promising contenders as well, most of whom are a bit of the underdog in their sport.
  7. Another guilty TV pleasure...I am enjoying the new season of Boston Legal. I had decided that David E. Kelley was a loser and I didn't need another show about quirky lawyers, but James Spader and William Shatner have won me over. I Tivo it and catch up when I have time.
  8. In fact, other than the Olympics I haven't seen any tv lately when it actually airs. It's all tivoed for later viewing when I get around to it. Tivo is a good thing.
  9. There's a book upstairs by my bed called The Mammoth Cheese. It's by the woman who wrote the Dress Lodger and I want to read it because I like the title. I have found little time to read anything not related to school, so it's bumming me out. Will make time this week. Or maybe I'll do that next Sunday when I'm home from school.
  10. Should go to bed. It's late and I have a long week ahead.


Pam said…
I'm watching Eurosport too, but the commentary over the short pairs skating almost had me hurling things at the TV. SHUT UP! SHUT UP! Also, what's with the thinly veiled sexual tension between those two? You never see them, but they keep making cute little remarks to each other... who ARE they? Plus, one of the guys admitted that his sport was actually, yes, TENNIS. Hello?

Anyhoo. Yeah, um, Eurosport.
Melinda June said…
You're right about those two. They totally suck.

But I still think that overall Eurosport is more palatable than that jingoistic crap that you hear on NBC.
Tenacious S said…
Honestly, I think Lauren and I should come out with Volume II of our 40 at 40 because we each only got twenty. Now THAT was frustrating. Perhaps one day when I am bored.....
Susan said…
Tell me there's room among the 40 for "The Asshole Song!"
Melinda June said…
It's on the list! Though with an ever-growing waiting list it could fall off. I may only have space for one Zahasky's song.
Susan said… which Z's song would make the final cut?

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