No Midlife Crisis

I'm watching an episode of What Not to Wear, and Trinny and Susannah are making over two middle aged guys with pot bellies who are starting to do that crazy thing men do in their forties...freaking out about getting old, buying sportscars, getting younger girlfriends/boyfriends.

Trinny has a good idea to solve this problem: admit there's a problem and get a makeover.

Stop dressing like it's 1985, buy some pants that fit, shave that balding head, grow a goatee or a beard or some face-slimming hair. Read a book or learn a language or something. You're only old because you're not moving forward in your're looking backwards. You're never going to be 25 again, you're never going to look 25 again, and no car or younger lover or clothes you BOUGHT when you were 25 will change this. So embrace who you are, make yourself current, and enjoy the life you've been able to build in the last 15 - 20 years.

This is good advice for women, too. I'm going to follow it. Good lord...I have a cool job, I live abroad, I travel the world, I have cool friends, and I know a lot of stuff. Why on earth should I worry about lip lines?


lulu said…
Great advice, but you'll pry my wrinkle cream from my cold, dead, wrinkle-free hands.

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