Pauly Shore's new career

So Pop Idol is the UK show that crossed the pond as American Idol. Here in the UK, it has morphed into The X Factor, which is a bit more complex than the Idol format. There are still three this case, Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne, and a little Irish leprechaun named Louis Walsh who seems to specialize in boy bands. (My theory is that he specializes in boy bands on, ahem, many levels, but I have no proof.) There are three categories of performers: 16 - 24's, 25 and overs, and groups. After a standard audition/selection process, the judges take the finalists from one group each and they further narrow the group and then mentor them thru the competition.

Sharon Osbourne has the over 25s, and they are by far the most talented of the contestants this year. Except for one. His name is Chico. He's a singing (slightly flat) dancing (read Chippendales) guy with abs of steel. The ladies go crazy for him, and he always enters the stage with screams of, "It's CHICO TIME!" And while certainly his physique shows a lot of time spent in the gym, I just can't get past his face. Here's Chico:

And here's who I see every time he's on screen:
Talk about a buzz kill. I mean, Son in Law may be a great movie and all, but Pauly Shore is no Brad Pitt. Heck, Pauly Shore is no Adam Sandler...he's not even Paul Giamatti. I can't believe England is swooning for Encino Man. (Known as California Man here, which I find even funnier.)

You tell me...who is THIS?


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