New Blog

My mom hates conversations revolving around politics and religion. It drives her crazy when my dad and I get into political discussions, what since I'm a big liberal and he's a big conservative and we both love to bait the other. And she really hates it when I bring up politics on this site.

But politics are on my mind a lot these days. I'm angry and might even say the way things are going in my homeland. I need to vent.

So my solution...a new blog.

Here's the plan. I will continue to update this blog regularly, in fact I'm vowing to update it several times a week instead of every week or so as it's been lately.

But I now have another blog called I'm a Liberal and You Should Be, Too where I'm going to express my political opinions. I won't have to worry that I'm upsetting my mother. I already do that by living 4000 miles away. Now my political entries will be housed separately, and she can read them only when she chooses. (As can my Republican friends who prefer not to hear me say "I told you so.")

And, since I know that my schedule will keep me from thoroughly covering current events that we liberals care about, I will welcome guest contributors and regular columnists to I'm a Liberal. I figure this will give those of you who have blogs with other themes or no blog at all a way to get things off your chest, too. Just email me or drop a comment to let me know you have something to say.


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