Cauliflower Cheese and Baked Apples

I have been really busy at work this week, and although I have many things in my freezer that are delicious and healthy. Unfortunately, when you get home at 830 and really need to eat, you are stuck with either a) ordering a pizza, which is not tasty and not healthy, or b) eating what you can cobble together. Last night I was seduced by option A, which was a rash and very bad decision. Therefore I opted for B tonight. Here is what I had for dinner:

Half a whole-wheat pita and some hummus
two olives stuffed with a almonds
three carrot nubbins (not really baby carrots, so I had to reclassify them)
cucumber slices
cauliflower, steamed and tossed in a quickly made bechamel/cheese sauce
a small piece of ham intended as my protein for breakfast, but oh well

This was most definitely NOT a satisfying meal. But luckily, I had a bag of sub-standard eating apples sitting in the fridge...they were tart and all, but kind of mealy and I prefer an extremely crisp apple. I bunged them into a baking dish, added a little brown sugar and flour, some ginger and cinnamon, a couple of dabs of butter and a splash of cognac. 45 minutes later I am enjoying a not horribly unhealthy warm, delicious treat. Yum Yum.


Pam said…
Ha ha! You used "bung" as a verb!

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