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Thinking some of my friends on the far-right need a little language refresher...

Main Entry: conflict of interest
: a conflict between the private interests and the official responsibilities of a person in a position of trust

Ex. 1) Hiring someone who profits from marketing bad food to market the new food guidelines to the country; 2) Asking people who benefit from the profitability of private companies (i.e. affiliates of pharmaceuticals, energy companies, financial service firms, credit card lenders, etc.) to give input on matters of policy affecting their industries; 3) Letting people who owe their position to a PAC sit on the ethics committee investigating the leader of said PAC; 4) Expecting judges who vacation with leaders of a political party (and whose family members make their living from this same group of people) to be objective when deciding issues that could potentially harm or impeach this party; 5) Relying on an exile to be forthcoming and truthful when he stands to gain power and profit financially by providing crucial intelligence that will lead us to invade a sovereign nation; 6) Allowing journalists to provide news stories, opinions and commentary on subjects for which they've received payment to endorse one view.

Using the phrase in a sentence: Considering the above-market salaries paid to political event planners and consultants, I should really move to Texas and get a job with a PAC...but due to my liberal take on most issues, I would have a conflict of interest with the best paying jobs.

Note...Conflict of interest is best avoided, as it leads to charges of corruption

Main Entry: cor·rup·tion
Pronunciation: k&-'r&p-sh&n
Function: noun
1 a : impairment of integrity, virtue, or moral principle : DEPRAVITY b : DECAY, DECOMPOSITION c : inducement to wrong by improper or unlawful means (as bribery) d : a departure from the original or from what is pure or correct

There. Perhaps that will make some sense of the kerfuffle created by the press. (Silly liberals. You're just out to get Tom because he's morally righteous and you're all angry that his goodness stands in the way of your depraved anti-culture-of-life ways.)


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