Changes to my routine

Being the risk taker that I am, my routine isn't all that structured. I establish patterns like everyone else, but it's not that big deal to toss them out the window. This is good, because I've made a few changes this week.

1) Forced change: On Monday, the One-stop near me burned down. Well, technically it didn't burn was attached to the take-away that burned down and suffered damage accordingly. But it's closed indefinitely, which means I've had to find a new route for Sunday AM walks and paper pick-up. I've now moved from walking around the lake to walking along the canal...only two blocks away, and quite has those weird houseboaty skiffs that you see on the Thames going through the locks, and it's actually got a pretty good sized marina not too far away. I've just added the paper to my normal grocery shopping, so I don't read it until later in the day but since I don't really wake up that well it's not a big loss. I absorb more in the afternoon.
2) Voluntary change: One of my young co-workers decided to move out of the flat she shared with her boyfriend and she needed a place to stay. Since I have no anticipated guests for April, I've let her take the spare room until she finds a new home. Anyone who's known me in the last 10 years knows it's high time I put some karma back into the home-for-wayward-girls fund. I'm happy to have a chance to help her out. It means changes to my life, though. Sharing the already tiny fridge means different shopping patterns. I have to pick up after myself and not leave piles of things around and shut cupboard doors so as not to annoy my housemate. (See, former housemates...I've learned from your input!) I've also had to overcome any shyness about playing the uke in front of people, because I'm on a roll and have to practice. Oh. And you can't talk to yourself without looking crazy and you have to shut bathroom doors and you have to be considerate of the noise you make if you can't sleep....all things that I've not had to worry about while I've been living alone the last few years.
3) Gradual change: I'm meeting people and getting invitations to do things in my free time, which means I have to learn to stick to a schedule and plan my time a bit better....I'm never that good at being on time, but I've gotten worse since I seldom have appointments anymore. Yesterday I actually had to race around the house getting ready because I was meeting my friend Mel for lunch and I lost track of time. (Have discovered a whole new trove of fun little places nearby, so future guests will have lots of variety from which to choose.) I've also found some American pals in London through a couple of industry connections and we're vowing to meet for dinner every few weeks. Since that involves a trainride, that means even MORE planning ahead. I guess that's the price you pay for friendship, huh?
4) Personal growth change: I have decided that I absolutely must apply myself to getting an MBA before it's too late to get good use from it. Therefore I am studying via an online course for the GMAT and will be making an appointment this summer for the test. Means lots of time relearning calculus, not the easiest thing for me since I haven't done any major math since my sophomore year in college.
5) New hobby: The garden looks like crap, with weeds overtaking everything. I have to figure out what to do. Pleh. I wish I had someone to do it for me, but since I don't I'm going to grit my teeth and figure it out. There are way too many spiders out there for my liking, but I guess that's nature for you.


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