I tried to order this.

Instead, I received this.

I'm adventurous and all, but even I have limits. Luckily, though, in the UK no CDs are sealed with that nasty tape, so you can play a CD and still return it. And it's just as bad as it looks.

I figure they send it out periodically hoping to find someone too lazy to send it back.

I did, so they'll have to try another day. Beware.


lulu said…
One of the reviews says that he is better than don't get much higher praise than that!
I will take this opportunity to make my plug for Beulah (the band who made the CD she tried to order.) They broke up recently which breaks my heart. BUY THEIR CD's (especially this one, it is fantastic.) They may be in limited supply since the band is no longer together.
Tiger said…
Mindy -

You should give up your day job & write full time. This is soooo entertaining (especially for those of us who have been there)

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