Thursday, December 21, 2006

Lazy Midwestern Days

I have rolled nicely into a lazy pattern of midwestern holiday.

My jetlag has been hard to kick, so I am seeing a bit too much of the Today Show each morning. Today I laughed heartily at Rosie O'Donnell's lambasting of that idiot Donald Trump, and decided that Meredith Viera has proven herself a classless hack in her reaction to it. David Gregory asked her if she had a comment and she got this holier than though face and said no, not really, but she just hated to see people being mean to each other. She's obviously not pleased that Rosie is on The View. You've moved on to the Today Show, Meredith. Let it go and wish them well.

My dad's not really been eating since his radiation, so my mother and I have been coaxing him with anything that sounds good...we figure that if his appetite comes back and he eats something, his strength will come back, too, and he will be better prepared for the chemo. This has resulted in meals we wouldn't normally have, like frozen lasagna. My folks took me to McDonald's for breakfast, I had lunch and a walk around town with my friend Anne who's in town to see her folks (she lives in Tunisia), and then we went to Culvers for dinner. We laughed heartily at the little girl who took the salt shaker and emptied the entire contents of it on her french fries while her dad was up getting ketchup. Do I know how to live, or what?

My mother and I stand at one game to two in Scrabble this break, which makes her happy because she hasn't beaten me since the summer of 2005. No particularly crafty plays yet, though, as we're just warming up.

Came to Minneapolis today with my friend Anne, and Mom and Dad will join me here tomorrow or Saturday and we'll be spending Christmas at my brother and sister-in-law's before returning to Iowa for the last part of my break. Am having dinner with my friend Tim tonight, then tomorrow will spend the day with Karen and Darlene, get my hair refreshed by the best stylist on the planet, and then meet my brother on Saturday AM to shop for cheese before heading to Coon Rapids.

I love the slow pace of my time in the Midwest.

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Bubs said...

Culvers is one of the great joys of eating in the midwest. I'm glad you're enjoying the slow pace of things.