Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Home for the Holidays

I'm frantically finishing my cleaning for the cleaner, rehearsing a presentation that I'm doing tomorrow with a client and keeping an eye on the telly as one of my favourite movies, Amelie, is on. I have three more nights here, Friday I stay with my friend Patricia near London, and then I'm off for the holidays. It seems crazy that this is my third Christmas flight home for the holidays. It's becoming a part of my routine.

Weird how an international flight used to be exciting. I'd make a packing list, I'd plan ahead, I'd not be able to sleep the night before. Now I don't even think about my trip until a night or two before I leave. I can pack for two weeks abroad in about 45 minutes. I only have to plan ahead and do laundry. And at Christmas time I have to run a few errands. It's not a holiday without some meat flavoured potato chips any more.

Friends in Minnesota...many have been asking me about my holiday schedule, so I thought I'd update you here. I fly on Saturday, and will be in Iowa for the majority of my trip. I have currently planned no social gatherings. I am getting my hair cut on the 22nd at 430pm. I have put the 22nd on the calendar as a free night, but haven't made plans yet. If you'd like to join me if there is a group gathering, you should email me and Ill keep you posted.


kirelimel said...

I know what you mean about international flights becoming routine. I got so lax about flying home to Japan that sometimes I'd have people over to my folks place in Rochester the night before a flight for donuts and cops!

Bramley Apple Pies! said...

I'm with you on that. I'm leaving in 2 days for Copenhagen (4th time this year) and haven't even thought about packing. Sometime tomorrow night I'll do it, if I get around to it. I just need to remember the bottle of Makers Mark for my buddy, and I'll be good.

Melinda June said...

Donuts and cops...now THERE'S a good combo.

BAP..have you done the LA trip? You're a good man if you come bearing Makers Mark. That's guarantees you'll be a welcomed guest.

Old Lady said...

Sounds like happy times for you soon! Happy Holidays to you.

Bramley Apple Pies! said...


I have a deal with my relative in Malmo, Sweden. I have free lodging whenever I want, as long as I bring him a bottle of Makers Mark. It's a pretty good deal on both ends.

Yep, went to LAX and back, and ORD and back. With this trip tomorrow I'll clear 50,000 flight miles this year and for the first time be Gold Elite.


kirelimel said...

You act as though you don't remember the donuts and cops we had...I have the black and white photos...you WERE there!!

Melinda June said...

Being there and remembering it are two different things, my dear.

I believe there were both donuts in the car AND on the roof. Thank god the ocifer was there to help figure that out.

Bubs, what is it with you guys and donuts? =)

kirelimel said...

There was also a spike haired, half nude gent on the roof tossing those donuts whist I was breaking and entering...ahhhh, memories.