Pandora is out (again)

Back when I lived in the UK, Lulu turned me on to Pandora Radio, and I loved it. I listened to it all the time, especially when I was studying...with the headphones on to block out noise, I'd be immersed in my own little think tank and my productivity soared. Of course, the folks in the music industry started smelling blood in the water and pretty quickly they had to shut off any accounts using the feed from a non-US IP address. I mean, they might lose a penny or two of profit, and therefore it had to be bad thing. So I switched to my iPod, deleted my bookmark and forgot about it.

Now, however, I am tuning in from Chicago and nobody can say anything to me. Lucky for me, then, that Pandora came up in conversation over Christmas - my mom's "hip" friend Jim listens to James Taylor and Jimmy Buffet via Pandora - and it reminded me to renew her acquaintance.

Today I've been at the kitchen table getting caught up on job applications. And Pandora has kept me going with a diverse playlist, tailored specifically to my musical taste. The last 20 songs:

Nanci Griffith
Lovage (Stroker Ace is a bitchin' song)
The Raconteurs
The Fratellis
Reverend Horton Heat
The Hollisters
Jack Johnson
The Clash
Elvis Costello
Everything But the Girl
Thievery Corporation
Thin Lizzy
Tom Waits

All good.


Joe said…
Sweet list!

We used to listen to Pandora a lot too, along with Radio David Byrne. You remind me to look it up again.
lulu said…
I can't use Pandora here. I hate that. Evidently there is something cooler and newer to listen to, that is invite only, but even though I have the invite, I can't use it here either.

Sometimes living in a foreign country sucks.
Scott J. said…
Thievery Corporation FTW!!!

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