Rest in peace, Blossom

Blossom Dearie died Saturday.

This makes me incredibly sad.

One of my best memories ever is seeing Blossom on my 40th birthday at Danny's Skylight Room. Blossom was magical - incredibly talented, with a soulful voice that encapsulated innocence, experience, love and heartache in every breath. She will always be my go-to-girl.

Take a listen. This Valentine's Day, I wish you Blossom.


Mnmom said…
As soon as I listened to the first song, I thought "I've heard that voice before!", then saw the grammar rock vid. I loved that show.

She has a delightful voice, and I wish I'd heard of her before. Now I can buy her songs on iTunes.
Little Sister said… house rocks, rocks. Thank you for introducing me to the voice behind adjectives. And nice tribute, Melinda June.
lulu said…
I'm so glad that we share that memory; seeing her was amazing.

It makes me sad that she is gone, but it makes me happy that she was playing the piano and flirting with her band up until a ripe old age.
ShelbyB said…
Oh my gosh, I remember you telling me all about that night!

Im converted MJ - this single gal is off to purchase some Blossom for herself for Valentines Day.
Joe said…
Oh, this is sad news. I can't remember if I first heard of her from you, Lulu or CP, and we've got a bunch of her recordings now.

That's really cool that you got to see her perform live.
Dale said…
I liked Blossom very much, RIP Ms. Dearie.

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