17 days left

1. Obviously, I've become quite attached to this whole numbering format. Though I've strayed a bit lately, it seems this is a formula I can stick with. It makes it a lot easier to blog, because random thoughts can all go in the same entry. But I feel like I've lost my edge. My ability to spin a yarn. Hmmm.
2. I have excellent bedhead today. I wish I could get my hair to do this every day.
3. There's fine mist blowing about. So fine it looks like snow, but of course it's not since it's 60 degrees out. Great day for a barbeque! Which is what I'm doing this afternoon.
4. We went out to celebrate C's last day of work last night. It was a quiet night out in Horsham. We did meet one guy who demanded a hug when we walked past (we obliged,) but there were no rowdy yob-types in sight. It hardly felt like England.
5. There were, however, many men wearing shockingly strong cologne. Nice to know some things remain the same.
6. I think it's odd that cooking shows have appliances they'll never need on the counters behind them. There's an expensive espresso machine, a malt maker, a meat grinder and a fruit press behind them on Saturday Kitchen. There's no need for this. We all know that they're not going to teach us to make a cup of coffee some morning. A malt, on the other hand, would be a tasty treat. Perhaps someday they'll make a mochaccino bologna malt with fresh grapefruit juice. Yum.
7. Do you have the Beijing Olympics cartoon ad that has that creepy monkey with the many sharp teeth, or is that just a Beeb thing? If that guy is competing, I'm not watching. He scares me. Okay. I used the Google to answer my own question, and it's a BBC thing designed by the Gorillaz guy. Whom I dig. But as afar as I'm concerned, this is not on.
8. We have like a 75 hour train trip to get to our barbecue. I wish it were sunny.
9. Or even just warm.
10. But it's not.


ShelbyB said…
To shed a little more light on the monkey cartoon - its a rip from the series Monkey (Magic), that was shown in the UK in the late 70's and repeated in the 80's (when I used to watch it!) It has its own Wiki site : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monkey_(TV_series)

So he's not scary, just a little strange.... and I love the fact that the Gorillaz animation dude has gone old school and revived the series with this little 'toon..! Roll on the repeats!

The Wiki site said that it wasnt shown in the US - so finally there's something the UK had that the you guys didn't... a fanged Monkey King.

Gosh, Im soo proud.

Mnmom said…
Here in the US, it's the cooking show "Semi Homemade" where they redesign the set kitchen to match the theme of today's menu. I mean they change EVERYTHING right down to the toaster, the Kitchenaid mixer, the clock, the curtains, you get my drift. I find it highly annoying. And she always overdecorates her tables with "just the cutest little things" and it makes me feel inadequate. Therefore it's BAD.
Melinda June said…
Perhaps we didn't have the scary monkey king in the US because we don't like children waking up with nightmares.

I hate Sandra Lee with the fire of ten thousand suns. I hate her hair, I hate her perky demeanor, I hate her stupid trans-fatty-high-fructose-corn-syrup recipes, and I REALLY hate that changing of the kitchen thing.

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