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After reading of MnMom's desire to lose weight, I decided that I, too, must start using the power of the internets to shame myself into losing weight. But I don't want to clutter this site up with a bunch of dieting stuff or it will detract from my John-McCain-is-old jokes. Therefore, I have created a new blog called Lard Ass to Tight Ass. I will make it a group blog, and if you'd like to join me you're welcome. I know there are excellent group blogs for health regimes out there. This is not one of them. I anticipate there will be times that I, personally, blog about the deliciousness of chocolate cake. And the joy of lardassing on the sofa. Dieting isn't particularly fun or funny, and what's the point of blogging if you don't even amuse yourself? In fact, if you're reading this and would like to blog about how you keep your muffin top in top form you're welcome to join, too. Perhaps I will be able to stave off cravings by living vicariously through you.

I'm going to make it members only, so you will need to ask me for permission to join. You can do this by emailing me at

You can gain posting status as an author, or you can simply request an opportunity to join as a reader to lend support. I've only made it private to avoid flamers who want to anonymously taunt me (I had enough of that in junior high,) and to block out chubby chasers looking for love. I don't trust men who only date fat women.


Mnmom said…
I'm in!! I'll email from home. While I need to lose weight, I am no purist by a long shot. I also will be eating cake and relaxing in a prone position.
michaelg said…
I'm in too. Lord knows I've got a lard ass.
Melinda June said…
Email me the address you want to use to login.
I'd love to read your new blog, I, too, am trying to lose some of the extra lumps on my butt. Are you still in the area?? Let's do lunch sometime!

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