Hater, vol 1

I can't stand Tina Turner.

I mean, I admire her...I realise she's had some pretty nasty life experiences and has proven herself a survivor and all. I've seen What's Love Got to Do With It. And Tina Turner has managed to keep her figure longer than any human on record, to my knowledge, which is shallow but also impressive. For these things, I say, "Go, Tina, GO!"

But I don't like her music. I don't like "Proud Mary," or "Nutbush City Limits," or "River Deep, Mountain High," and I REALLY don't like "Private Dancer," "We Don't Need Another Hero," or the theme from the aforementioned movie. Sometimes I think I'm going to have a seizure when I hear her sing.

I also am not particularly fond of her hair or her dress sense, but I don't want to seem petty.

You're a role model, Tina, but no, I'd prefer not to see you do the shimmy again if it's all the same to you, thank you very much.

Good luck to you, though. And God Bless.


Yet more proof that you are lacking a soul.
Melinda June said…
You're just pissed because you got rickrolled.
Yeah, "We Don't need Another Hero" is pretty awful.

Her work in the 60s was better. My favorite song is "Sexy Ida", which she recorded was still with that punk-ass-coke-head twit Ike.

And, yeah, she does love her wigs.
michaelg said…
Hey, what are you going to do next? Speak ill of Cher or Stevie Nicks???
"We Don't Need Another Hero" is an anomaly in an otherwise pretty good Tina Tunes library.
Have you heard her singing "Edith and the Kingpin" on the Herbie Hancock tribute album to Joni Mitchell? She sounds pretty amazing actually.
BeckEye said…
I like Tina. And she has pretty awesome hair. She does lick her lips a lot though, which annoys me. Maybe that's who David Archuleta learned it from.
Melinda June said…
ML, I'm glad you see my point.

Just you wait, MG. I'm a bitter, sad, mean-spirited cow, and I'm just getting started. I have heard that Herbie Hancock thing is good, though, so I will give her a chance.

To each his own, Beckeye. But seriously. Private Dancer?
Dale said…
Here's to many more volumes of The Hater! What's love got to do, got to do with it?
Yvonne said…
You make me piss myself!

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