I know gas is expensive in North America, but it could be much much worse. This morning I paid the equivalent of $100 to fill the tank of my Audi A3, which is basically the car above except in blue. That's $8.25 per gallon.


Marni said…
Good giggly wiggly that's a bunch of money for gas!!! Guess I'll stop complaining for now...
Tenacious S said…
I think gas was about $4/gallon back in the late 80's in Europe. At least you have better public transit. $8 gallon would put me in the poorhouse with my job.
Yeah, but you have to drive those tiny Euro-spec cars. And for the Good Lord's sake, the steering wheel is on the wrong farking side.

I'm happy to pay $3+ a gallon to fill up all 23 gallons in the tank of my 5.3 L V8 all-American truck. Hoo-wah!
lulu said…
Would it be too annoying if I mentioned that not only do I not pay for gas, I don't even pump it? (I don't even know where a gas station is in this town)
Mnmom said…
Holy High Prices Batman!! We need alternative fuels - what a concept. It now costs me $50 to drive to Decorah and back.
You know Audi won't ship the A3 coupe to the U.S.

Don't forget, you and all the Europeans get healthcare for your exorbitant gas. Gas was $3.50 a gallon when I left Parma some twenty-two years, but every time I got sick, I didn't have to worry about.

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