My Team

Since Friday AM, I've been pretty much at uni fourteen hours a day. The project management course we're doing this week is miserable. We've got to figure out how build this warehouse, we've been drawing up Work Breakdown Structures, Critical Path Networks, gantt charts of the project, and generally ripping our hair out managing workers and accommodations and cranes and equipment and materials. P-L-E-H, pleh.

For the next five months, the five gentlemen you see below will be my life for three full weeks and the occasional weekend. They all have strong personalities and opinions, and you've probably figured that I'm no shrinking violet myself. In fact, the boys seem to think I'm kind of scary. Especially when I get quiet and scowly because I'm thinking. Or because I'm frustrated that I'm making dumb mistakes, so I berate myself and give a mental spanking but people assume I'm mad at them because I'm not myself. One of the problems with being a chatty, outgoing personality is that people freak out when I'm not what they're expecting.

They hold the door for me and help me carry things, which is nice. And most importantly, they're not dismissive of my ideas, though we've all got some learning to do about listening when others speak. I believe I originally said I thought they'd be gentlemanly enough not to get all lads-mag on me, which is true. But they do like their innuendo (much of which is lost on me until it's noticeable I haven't caught on,) and I think that British men have more ways to call someone a "dick" than eskimos have to say snow. (Today I learned the phrase "bell end" or something like that. Yesterday there was talk of the phrase "semi by the sea" in that annoying James Blunt song, and of course I thought they were talking about condos or something.) This is going to annoy me, mostly because I hate it when people figure out what a Charlotte I am.

We'll see how the term progresses. Tomorrow will be telling on the teamwork front, as we have about six hours of warehouse building ahead of us. Did I say pleh? For now, here they are, my Pips, my Homeboys, me Julies...Meet Blue 7.







lulu said…
oh my, a couple of them are quite dishy, aren't they?
Tenacious S said…
Justin and Kieren are making me a bit weak in my knees. I am having flashbacks............weakness for charming British boys....swooning....easily swayed......
Tenacious S said…
Oh my God, I just realized it's their eyebrows!!!!! Hot eyebrow boys. Who knew?
Scott recently turned 25, in that English time-warp aging mode. Joe had a hard childhood and suffers occasional behavioral problems as a result, but with some tough love from the group he’ll do fine. Justin is basically game for anything, a bit of a wild child but he’s wicked smart and settles down nicely into a rhythm, at least when his penchant for hookers and cheap sentiment isn’t getting the better of him. Kieran is secretly in love with you and is waiting for just the right moment to broach the subject, but he’s a little nervous how coming clean will alter the developing group dynamic. Simon is just scary.
Melinda June said…
Kieren has asked me to clarify that he is decidedly not English. He is Australian, which is clearly better. Plus he's got Italian/Irish descent, so he is not remotely British, even in ancestry. Not that there's anything wrong with being British.
ps: I love it when guys are named 'Simon.' We need more Simons on this side of the pond.
Pam said…
Have we discussed how I have the hots for Kieren? No? Let's get right on that, okay?

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