We have officially finished our warehouse, with NO big hiccups. We even managed to redo steelwork (not our fault) mid project, only had one week of deadline slippage, and made £96K profit. This is roughly 13.5%, and for construction they tell us this is excellent. We placed second of ten. Quite pleased with that!

The boys are not happy with Tom's analysis. Simon is not scary, and now he feels bad. Kieren is asking for clarification that he is Australian, not British. And Joe wants a new picture so you'll see he's actually a bit of a catch.


Pam said…
I think that Kieran is a bit of a hottie. But he doesn't get any extra points for being Aussie, we do not care.
Wait a minute, are these boys reading your blog? I was looking forward to creating a Bizarro world where they would each have a distinct character that I made up & developed. It was going to be like a blog-within-a-blog.
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