How do I make my shares go up?

My friend Lauren (see "Land o' Lulu link on the side) was googling herself, and she came upon something creepy and fascinating and kind of flattering. She's being traded on a Blog Market. How odd. So she blogged about it. Of course, I read her blog and linked to the site and as I was reviewing her stock page I saw that I am being traded, as well. Even odder. So now I want to do I make my stock go up?


lulu said…
I KNOW! I want to earn money for my owners........(this is so F**ked Up)
If y'all were cyberstalkers like me, you would've known this years & years ago. Min & I have been traded since the month after we started our blogs. It's just a silly online game for people with even more time on their hands than we have.

I think one of the key valuation indicators is how many other sites link to you. You're worth more if you have more incoming links.

Thanks for playing!
lulu said…
Damn, now I need to get people to link to me!
VaughnV said…
I'm on it, too. Kinda weird...

Uhm, and why isn't Pam being traded???

Wasn't she the one in Seattle who wanted to be publicly traded? Bike Girl something or other...

Ironic, don't ya think? lol

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