Crufts Dog Show

The English seem to take their dog shows very seriously.

I'm home on a Thursday night, and although I should probably be doing schoolwork I'd rather watch TV and surf the internet. So I've flipped on the TV, and on BBC 2 there is a full hour of Crufts Dog Show coverage. This is prime time viewing on a major television channel...not Discovery or Animal's on one of the five channels received in all UK homes (assuming you have a tv license.)

The host, Ben Fogle, is a hottie. He's probably early thirties, blond, personable, and very gay without being camp. They are reviewing the rules, the differences in breeds, celebrity dogs who are entered in this show, (yes, celebrity dogs), and they're giving highlights of the action yet to come. They have soft-focus videos of mumbly children with emotional problems talking about the dogs that saved their lives (and they keep playing Dido's Thank You in the background, making it especially sappy.) There's a story about one of those dogs that walk 600 miles to find their owner when lost in the woods. and there's a story about a little toy furry thing that is a hearing dog for deaf people. And the rampant use of the term "bitch" is mildly amusing, as well. "The bitches compete against one another..." "The bitches go up against the dogs..." "She's a magnificent bitch..." I know. I should be mature enough not to find this funny. <Snicker>


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