Little to blog about

There is so little to blog about lately. I work. I study. I sleep. That's my life.

I had to take the day off. I have not left the couch for more than books, beverages, and the occasional snack. I'm exhausted. Have caught up on my favourite tv shows, played the ukulele, done a bit of work on a paper, and napped.

I miss Sunday afternoon movies. It was almost a guarantee that you could find something to watch on cable on a Sunday. Some classic movie like When Harry Met Sally or You've Got Mail...movies you don't necessarily want to schedule time to watch but that are great ways to kill an afternoon of laziness. They don't play those here. They play mysteries. If I wanted to watch some quirky comedy/drama with an oddball sleuth using unconventional means to find the real killer, I'd be set. Unfortunately I don't like these sorts of shows. I want some sappy, light-hearted romantic comedy.

I've been getting caught up on the news back home. I do not understand how the level of corruption and deception in our current government is not getting someone in serious trouble. I don't understand how 34% of the country can still be approving of this administration. What is there to like?

It's a busy week next week. I have dinner at a hip Chinese place in London on Monday. I've got three major projects due before the end of the month at school, so I have a lot of work to do. I'm also spending the day at Heathrow on Friday for my Ops Management class...we're figuring out how to improve the takeoff schedule of a consistently late BA flight to Miami. If I'm lucky I get to watch them load the luggage from the tarmac! Much like my fascination with shipping, plane cargo is a secret obsession, as well, and watching them load a 747 is living the dream, baby. If I get to wear the big earmuffs I'll get a picture.


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