Stinking Jetlag

It's 4:30 AM. I've been up since about three. All was well...sleeping like a baby...and then WHAM suddenly awake and tossing and turning. Came downstairs for a little telly and a snack...any insomniac will tell you a glass of milk and getting OUT of bed always make it easier to get back to sleep. So far, no luck. Finally gave in to check email, which turned into blog reading, proofing and catching a spelling error in my earlier entry, and now this.

I hate this. Once you are awake, your mind starts racing. I've been thinking about my finances, my holiday, those coal miners, how cheerios were invented, window drafts, how you say Abramoff, punchlines for "How do you say Abramoff?," Ariel Sharon's stroke, Israeli politics as a whole, toenail polish and the impact nailgrowth has on a pedicure, Woody Allen, snow, cats, Tim's white Christmas tree, the emotional effects of the color red and the odd movements of butt-dancing...and that's just a little cross section of topics. Be glad you're not here...I'd probably be thinking out loud in that way in that stream-of-consciousness way I have when I'm tired or off my guard.

Why, oh why, am I not asleep?

I had my alarm set for six so I could head to the gym. That isn't going to happen. I'm going to make a slice of peanut butter toast and try sleeping again. I am not hopeful.


Tenacious S said…
Here's a new sleepless worry for you. I just read this whole article in the Tribune on Sunday about how cosmetics are completely carcinogenic and we absorb them through our skin. Particularly nasty, fingernail polish. I wanted to cry.
lulu said…
But we'll die pretty.

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