Cold, Grey England

I am back from hols, and bloody England has given me a cold, grey welcome. I'm sitting in my sitting room under a duvet in yoga pants, a long-sleeved t-shirt, a fleece, and a stocking cap. I should probably turn up the heat, but I'm trying to conserve. It's drizzly-rainy out and it has been all day. In fact, when I went to lunch today I felt like it was dusk, not noon, such was the cloudy haze of the day.

My flight itself was uneventful, though delayed. Luckily, I followed the advice of the airlines and arrived two hours in advance of my flight to check in, as my actual Minneapolis flight was delayed beyond the departure time of my second flight from Chicago. I was able to grab an earlier one that was delayed just slightly beyond my original departure time, so that worked well. Of course, one delay is always an indicator of others...and my Chicago flight was delayed an hour, as well. Spent more time enjoying the lovely K concourse (which I already knew well from my 5 hours on the way to MN.) Once we actually left the flight was easy. My seatmate, Russell, was a 30ish Asian guy who was nice enough, though not my favourite. He had not-so-great breath and he elected to sleep with his mouth aiming directly at my nose. I elbowed him in hopes of getting him to turn another way but to no avail. I think he just thought I was a jerk. Oh. And he drank apple juice. I don't trust adults who drink apple juice by choice. (Perhaps cutting back on the apple juice would improve Russell's halitosis situation. Man, was I glad when my nephews quit drinking juice all the time...not sure I've smelled much worse than a kid with juice breath that hasn't brushed their teeth recently.)

We had about an hour of holding pattern once we arrived at Heathrow and then I waited FOREVER for my luggage. In fact, one bag didn't turn up. Hate that. Had to fill in the paperwork and by the time I left the airport I'd been on the ground for two hours. Had to pay a waiting fee to my driver due to the delay.

Am a bit jetlagged today, though I was so knackered yesterday that I dozed some through the evening when I was trying to stay up and still got a full night's sleep. I'm trying to stay up until 10, but that's 45 minutes away and I'm not sure I'm going to make it. I thought about going to the gym tonight but have decided to give myself the day off. I might feel better if I went, but it's more fun to be lazy. Tomorrow I will be good, I promise.

Work is the same, really, though we did hire someone for one of our open jobs. Her name is Dawn and she seems really great. I spent the day getting started on two new projects and dealing with grad school paperwork. All is sorted and now I'm getting ready for next week's start.

I'll be more interesting tomorrow, I promise. But now, I need to get up to bed before I drop here on the couch and wake up with a stiff neck.


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