Musings on Monday

How's that for a cheesy title? Forgive my unoriginality. I am beyond dead tired. Can't even STAND how tired I am. It's all I can do to write, but while I was home catching up with my faithful readers I promised to pick up the blogging pace this year, so I'm posting in spite of the fact that I'd give big money to be in bed right now.

Actually this is good for me. I have to make it until 1030 or I'll have gone to bed too early for sure. I am STILL totally messed up with the jetlag thing. I've been back a week, so it is NOT okay that I'm still wide awake from 2 - 4 AM each night. It's definitely taking it's toll. I have a low-grade headache, I have tea-sized bags under my eyes, and my concentration is crap. (So is my spelling, so please bear with me.) Last night I had a grand total of 3.5 hours of sleep. I could have gotten more but I had a 6AM date with my trainer and since I can't meet her next week due to school I felt I needed to keep it. Plus, you can't really text some poor girl who's at the gym waiting at 6AM (who wouldn't be there had you not asked her) to say that you're tired and want a little more sleep.

My maths class starts in 36 hours, and then 48 hours later grad school does. I'm beyond stressed, which perhaps is contributing to the lag situation. I haven't been in school since 1989. In fact, 16 years ago right now I was in France on my first ever trip to Europe. When I finished that interim class I graduated. That's a long time ago to have done my last homework. I was reading "the meaning of company accounts" yesterday (teaching me to decipher company financial statements,) and let me tell you...this is going to take some getting used to. I caught on well enough, but MAN it's hard to concentrate on schoolwork at 39. I'm wondering if I'm crazy taking this on.

I have begun working on my 40 at 40. For those not in the Rose and Tiara club, the 40 at 40 is a double mixed cd set that you create for your friends and loved ones to commemorate your 40th birthday. Lauren and Sharon started this with their birthdays last year, and it's such a good idea that it's caught on. Tom gave us his set right before the Ab-Fab birthday re-enactment. Many of you reading this will be receiving a set in about six and a half months (though it would help to email me your mailing address, as you probably know by now that I am incompetent when it comes to retaining any useful information about my friends' whereabouts.) I'm hoping to have the list compiled by Feb or so, and then I have time to work on the liner notes and locate stuff I only have on vinyl. I must say, putting 40 influential songs that you love into some kind of cohesive mix is thought-provoking stuff. I can't imagine that I'm really as eclectic and bizarrely composed as my playlist would have you believe, but I live this life everyday so who knows. I can say that there is probably not one person in my acquaintance who will like every song. In fact, I'd bet that there's not one person in my acquaintance who will not find at least one song they adore AND one song they revile with the strength of 10,000 suns. And yes, there is likely to be Manilow on it, unless of course I can't make the sophie's choice with the Elvis Costello.

I have two new favourite British phrases:

tits-up: To go horribly awry, as in, "I don't want to be standing here by myself when this goes tits-up, so you're staying right where you are." Colorful, funny, slightly raunchy, but not something you can really find fault with. Much better than the "you're getting on my tits" phrase that indicates irritation.

he/she can talk for England: long-winded, loquacious, a bit of a gabber, as in, "She's normally pretty quiet, but she can talk for England if you get a drink in her." I really like the idea of talking as a world-class sport. That's a medal I could DEFINITELY win.

Okay. Clock says I have time to move a load of laundry to the dryer, brush teeth, and get settled into be and I'll have stayed up sufficiently late. Must do this now. 'night.


lulu said…
I am really kind of bummer that I had only 1/2 of a 40 at 40 to choose. I supposed we could have made 4 CD collections, but we had to burn (let me rephrase that, Sharon had to burn) enlough copies for the 125 or so guests at our party. We also made the decision not to duplicate artists that were featured on the other person's CD. If I had 40 of my own to choose, there would have been some Elvis Costello and probably some more obscure one hit wonders. The Burning Sensations come to mind.
You could do "45 45's at 45." Just a thought. But then we'd really be dating ourselves.
VaughnV said…
I love "tits up"! Have used it for a number of years. Can't remember where I first heard it. Probably one of the Brits with whom I worked at MSFT.

Happy New Year!


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