New baby name

Many people think it's a good thing I don't have kids. This is not usually linked to their assessment of my potential parenting skills (or at least they claim it's not,) but more to my questionable choice in names for kids.

My mom is an identical twin, and that makes me the generation that could carry this on...therefore I used to plan my names in pairs, just in case I ended up with unexpected babies and had to think fast. (Don't take that sentence at face know what I mean.) The boys would be Otto and Oscar (my grandfathers) and the girls would be June and Esther (my grandmother and her sister). And, on the off-chance that my partner had his own ideas about names and might think these are a bit naff, I always kept Astrid and Delia and Bjorn and Thor in my back pocket as alternates, just in case. (There were also Christopher Hans and Dinah, the fictional children Tom and I were planning, but those were specific circumstances and not on the main list.)

Even though I'm old enough now that the baby name list is pretty much a non-issue, I can't stop myself from adding to it anyway. Today I've officially decided that Gemma, Hazel, Ellis, and Sherlock are joining the list of potential Hanzliks. Gemma is sassy, Hazel is artsy and introspective, Ellis is cool without being macho.

And Sherlock, well, it's just Sherlock. I might even adopt just so I can use it.


VaughnV said…
And I always wanted twin boys and younger sister for them...

Klein Ashton
Clayborn Ellis
Lauren Elizabeth

Maybe I'll just adopt three kittens and name 'em the above. LOL!
Mindy June's faithful readers may be interested to know that she and I did in fact bear fictional children in Las Vegas by way of a photo-morphing machine. I thought Otto & Dinah were adorable, and I still have their pictures somewhere. Unfortunately, my co-workers (to whom I showed the photos) did not share in my enthusiasm. I think the comments ranged from "may I suggest you not procreate with this woman?" to "oh my God, what horrible looking children!" I was offended.
Tenacious S said…
Gasping aloud in disgust at the sight of a child is not only rude, but thoughtless. Who were these socially inept people?
Well, one of them was my boss! He and others were gathered around his secretary's desk, sniggering at my pictures. After I stormed off I heard one of them whisper "I think he's actually offended!"
Melinda June said…
Yeah, and if they'd seen the kids the others in the group made, well, they would have been singing a different tune. Ours were supermodels in comparison to those freak shows!

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