I love Charlotte Church

This is a new thing for me. I was never a fan of her creepy, other-worldly, faux opera thing when she was a child. I thought she was wholly unsettling, actually.

But Charlotte has grown up, and now she is one of my favourite celebrities in England. She's curvy, bordering on chubby. She wears too much makeup. She says outlandish things and takes the mick out of herself, and she occasionally swears in public. She's managed to grow into a down to earth person, which is an achievement considering her childhood fame. She occasionally binge drinks and she dates dishy rugby players. She is basically a big mess, and doesn't really care what people say because she's 19 and she's enjoying her life and making mistakes and putting herself before her career.

And she's not one of those trampy Britney types, either. She doesn't wear tight, revealing clothes and she doesn't do pole-and-lap-dance gyrations when she performs. She's actually an interesting mix of posh and trashy...oddly managing to pull the good parts from both.

Her new music is even kind of pop-rocky and, although it isn't deep or particularly complex, it is actually really catchy and fun.

She slammed the Pope for condemning Harry Potter. She's also openly ridiculed a guy named James Blunt, who has one of the worst songs on the radio right now but no one seems to want to point out that he has a bad voice and his lyrics are vaguely stalkerish.

Yes, Charlotte Church is now cool. Can you even imagine it?


lulu said…
I would like to be an interesting mix of posh and trashy....do you think there is still hope for me?
VaughnV said…
I think it would be rather inappropriate to pole dance whilst singing "The Prayer." LOL!


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